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Beautiful and brilliant websites

Beautiful and Brilliant Websites

Modern day businesses need to have more than just a website that exists for them. Their websites need to work for them. At WhiteStar, we’re a forward-thinking website design agency that puts client support at the heart of all we do. We pride ourselves on giving all our clients beautiful and technically brilliant websites that reflect their personality and help them reach their goals, ensuring they have absolute flexibility to build into the future.

About WhiteStar

WhiteStar has nearly 10 years of experience building websites using a number of platforms. Our owner, Paul Drake, has spent over 30 years in Corporate IT departments, working for large companies, designing systems, understanding requirements and acting as a bridge between the technical and business departments. His knowledge coupled with our talented designers is what makes WhiteStar special, and why we can make both beautiful and brilliant websites.

Our Services

We know that every business is unique, but we’ve often found that smaller companies feel limited by budget and don’t always end up with the website they want, and larger companies can’t always find the right partner to give them the technically sound websites that they require. Our goal is to plug both those gaps, and we do that through two main solutions: LiteSpeed websites and Flexible Design websites.

We also offer a full graphic design service and extra web-related services.


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