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  • Your brand is your most

  • important marketing tool

What is Branding?

Branding isn’t just about having a pretty logo.

It’s about having a logo that represents you and speaks to your target audience.

Your brand isn’t just your logo – it’s also the colours, fonts and images you use. And it’s about how you use them.

If done properly, your brand should become familiar to your readers and generate positive emotions in your audience.


Various items designed for Amanda Seyderhelm


Be Recognised

Think of some really big brands – like Coca-Cola for instance.

They always use a particular shade of red, and it’s instantly recognisable. The same is true of the font they use. When you see these, you immediately know them and what they stand for. They generate an emotional reaction in the reader.

Branding has to be applied consistently across all of your marketing touch points – websites, social media, emails, letterheads, business cards, roller banners, leaflets etc. Everywhere!

Every time you interact with someone, you need to provide a consistent brand image. And you are representing your brand, in some cases you are the brand.


Coco's Kitchen business card variations


Our Branding Packages

We offer three different branding packages, to suit businesses at various stages of their journey: