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Full-featured Websites

At WhiteStar, we’re no strangers to website design. We’ve built everything including:
  • Small brochure sites
  • Membership sites
  • Sites with eCommerce
  • A document library site
  • Accessible sites
  • Event booking sites
  • And much more!

To be honest, there’s not much we haven’t done. And if we do come across anything new or novel, we take it in our stride and relish the challenge. What we’re trying to convey is that when we say flexible design, we really do mean it. Whatever design you’re looking for, whatever your budget*, and whatever the outcomes you want, we can build it for you.

The biggest question you have to ask yourself is: do you know what you want?

Although, actually, if not we can help with that too. The first thing we always do with our flexible design clients is have a discovery meeting where we find out all about you and what you want to achieve. To us, websites aren’t just things that tick a digital box. They should be working tools that help to support your business.

* If you have a very small budget, we recommend you take a look at our LiteSpeed package

The Key Benefits

  • We don’t offer standard packages, we provide complete bespoke solutions
  • You’re in control every step of the way
  • One of the most important elements to us is that we really get to know your business
  • We start with a blank canvas and our professional graphic designer creates your website from scratch.
    So your site is completely unique and personal to your business
  • You get the website you want
  • We have the technical capability as well as providing an attractive and modern design
  • The website works in alignment with all of your other marketing
  • The site will be optimised for speed and readability on all device sizes
  • If you’re upgrading an existing website, our SEO specialist will work to ensure you retain as much of the existing search ranking history as possible
  • We do everything we can to ensure the site is as secure as possible
  • We use proven, trusted, UK-based strategic partners to supplement our in-house resources

Our Designers

Our website designers are professional graphic designers, with many years of website design experience. They know how to use design to entice and engage your potential clients. They also keep up to date with the current and upcoming trends in the web design world, so you’ll get a beautifully modern (but not faddy) website that generates leads.

Our Developers

Our developers have many years of experience in the WordPress arena, as well as also understanding other, more technical areas. They ensure that we deliver fast, robust and secure websites to every client using the most up-to-date technology.

And because your site will be built using WordPress, it can be extended to support any additional requirements your business needs.

Additional Services

Websites require a lot more than just good design, so we also support our clients by offering additional services that might help, such as Copywriting, SEO, hosting and support. Find out more

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Whether you’re starting from a complete blank canvas or you want to refresh and update what you already have, we can’t wait to work with you on developing and designing your new website. It will be 100% yours and 100% working for you.


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What you want,
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Additional Services

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