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Really Good Copy Is Critical

We know that, and we could write a page telling you why.

Or we could leave it to an expert. The copy on this page was writeen by Stephen Church, one of our copywriting partners.


Great Copy Sells

Are you proud of your website? Does it look great? Does it boast top-quality images? If so - excellent! But… and there are two big ‘buts’ -

  1. This gorgeous website of yours. Can your potential clients find it? Do your pages appear as high on the search engine results pages as they should do?
  2. Once visitors land on your website, are you able to convert them into great paying clients?


No? That’s a shame.

You’ve invested all that time and money in a magnificent-looking website, yet with little or no return.

Poor copy means fewer hits and fewer conversions

Almost certainly, the reason your website isn’t working as well as it should do is that your copy isn’t doing the trick. The trouble is, many of us think we can write well. Because we all went to school and studied English to a certain level, many of us think we’re qualified to write commercially effective copy.

Not so.


Well written English that compels our readers into action is a rarity. It requires profound knowledge, not just of grammar, punctuation, syntax and semantics. It requires expertise in human psychology - how the way we use language can turn people on … or off.


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Copywriting and SEO

So - we’ve established how important it is to write clear and compelling web copy. But, those brilliantly crafted words will be of no help if your potential clients can’t find your website in the first place.

There are a hundred or more factors that govern how well your pages rank on Google or other search engines. Some of them are to do with how your website is designed and structured. But - an increasingly significant factor is the quality of the copy.

Why’s that?

A matter of time

Google measures how long each visitor to your website spends on your pages. The more engaging the copy, the longer your visitors stick around - so the more favourably Google will rank your pages. You need web copy that’s so well written, so captivating, that your visitors will want to read more. You’ll also need strategically placed links that will lead your visitors from one page to the next.

Is that all there is to SEO?

Keyword research

Definitely not. There’s so much more to SEO. One of the key elements is keyword research. We’re specialists in researching those words and phrases that your potential clients use when they’re looking online for your products and services. We then use the results of our research to make sure we insert the right words in the right parts of your content.

This could be in the text itself or discretely hidden away in the form of image ‘alt-tags’, H1 Headings or Title Tags. But now we’re getting technical…


Suffice to say - to give your web pages the very best chance of being found high up in the search engines, talk to us about our SEO work.


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And there’s more?


Blogging services - keeping things fresh

Google will love your website if it’s organic, forever changing and developing. The best way to keep it fresh? Write a blog. Not only will Google be impressed by a regular stream of informative, relevant, keyword-rich blogs, but your web visitors will too. You’ll soon come across as an expert in your field.


Talk to us about blogging. Many of our clients appreciate this service and the sense of authority that it brings to their websites.


Copywriting, SEO and blogging - three vital elements to a successful website.


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