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An Extension of Your Brand

Your website should be an extension of your branding. If someone's seen your business card, banner, flyer, or social media, the look and feel of your website should be familiar.


Your Personality On A Page

It must also reflect your business completely; not just what you do, but how and why you do it. It must represent your company's ethics and the way you do business. We call this 'Your Personality on a Page' and it's one of the cornerstones of our web offering.


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Unique, Bespoke Websites

This is why we don't use off-the shelf web templates like many of our competitors. We start with a blank canvas. We take time to understand you, your business and your brand, then translate that into a completely bespoke website design. A design that is as unique and personal as your company and your brand.


Your Shop Window

This is important because your website is the shop window for your business. It shouldn't show absolutely everything you do in minute detail. It should give just enough information to allow the reader:

  • to understand if the products/services you provide are relevant to them;
  • to be confident that you are competent;
  • to begin to trust your company.


Crouch Electrical webpage on various sized devices

Your Business's CV

In fact you could think of your website as a CV for your business, with the reader as the prospective employer.
A great CV won't get you job, but will get you an interview. Similarly a great website won't get you business, but it should get you an initial conversation. The rest is up to you.


Getting Your CV Seen

No matter how good your CV is, it's useless unless you can get it In front of the right people. The same is true of your website.  If the right prospects don't see it, it won't drive the new business you need. So we make sure it's seen by supporting it with our other services - quality hosting, effective SEO and engaging social media.


So, are you ready to engage warp drive and get a website that will boost year business?

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