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  • Fast and Secure

  • UK-based Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Your stunning website needs an equally awesome place to live on the web. The computer hardware ('server') that runs your website in the cloud needs to be fast and secure.

To ensure this is the case, we've partnered with a fantastic company that provides a fast, reliable and secure home for your website - whether we built it for you, or someone else did. Our Hosting partners share the same ideals that we do - providing fantastic customer service at a reasonable cost.

As an added bonus, the company and their servers are based in the UK, so access is fast and there's no complicated Government access rights issues like US-based hosting faces. And you're supporting another small UK business.


Do We have To Use Whitestar Hosting? 

We strongly urge you to use our own hosting. This is why:

  • We have full access and control, so we can quickly fix things on the odd occasion when things go wrong.
  • Many 3rd party hosting providers only give us limited access, so management of your website is more difficult and time-consuming.
  • Our hosting includes free backups, so you'll never lose your website.
  • As part of our hosting package, we apply and test critical security patches to your site. Many cheap hosting packages leave you to do this yourself. 
  • Worse still, some hosting providers automatically apply updates - even if they're not necessarily required. This is OK, but can sometimes break your site, leaving you to pick up the pieces.


How Much Does It cost?