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Bug Zapping

Every website we build comes with a bug-free guarantee. We will fix any defects in the site, free of charge. 

If the bug turns out not to be a bug, but to be caused by something you've done to your site, we'll fix it for you. Of course we will. But we'll charge our standard Ad-Hoc support charge. Sorry!


Ad-Hoc Support

Our basic hourly rate is £50 per hour or part thereof (with a 1 hour minimum charge). 

This will cover anything you need us to do on your site, including:

  • adding or updating content, including blogs;
  • modifying SEO tags (if you don't know what this means, you may need one of our SEO packages!);
  • adding new pages;
  • deleting old pages;
  • uploading testimonials;
  • adding new features.


Support Packages For Whitestar Websites

Search engines love sites with interesting, regularly changing content. More importantly, so do your customers.

All WhiteStar websites make it easy for you to manage your own content - whether that be tweaking the words on your pages, adding blogs or testimonials, etc. However, not everyone has the time and/or inclination to change their content regularly.

Or maybe you have lots of ideas about how you could tweak your WhiteStar site - adding new features to wow your potential customers.


Giving You Time and Flexibility

That's where our support packages can help you. By taking out one of the WhiteStar Support Packages you get some of our time each quarter to use as you will. We can refresh your content, upload blogs or add those sexy new features to give your site that extra bit of sparkle.

And don't worry if you use up all of your support hours in a quarter. Each package gives you a reduced hourly rate, so you can make those extra changes without breaking the bank.


Flexible and Affordable

If you find you're frequently topping up your hours it's no problem. You can upgrade to a higher package with just a phone call or email.

But what if you find you're not using all of your hours? Its OK. You can downgrade your package (by 1 level) with just 30 days notice.


Our Support Packages

Please note that these packages only apply to websites built by WhiteStar. We can happily support sites built by other developers, but costs will depend on the type and complexity of the site. Get in touch to talk about support costs for your non-WhiteStar site.