LiteSpeed Launch: A New Budget Website Solution

WhiteStar has launched a brand new package deal for any business that wants a new website but has a very small budget.

Reacting to a gap in the market, WhiteStar has launched its new LiteSpeed website package, allowing businesses to have a brand new WordPress website, with hosting and maintenance, all for just a small amount of money each month.

Paul Drake, Managing Director, said: “I had been having a lot of discussions with small business owners who were using Wix or GoDaddy websites as that’s all they could afford, but they were getting frustrated by some of the limitations and the fact that they had to do so much of the work themselves. They were telling me that they wanted a professionally designed website, but they simply couldn’t afford it, even at the cheaper end. That’s when I started to work on finding a solution.”

The LiteSpeed website package provides a modern, well-built WordPress website, including ongoing support, maintenance and hosting. Clients will get to pick the basic look and feel of their website from a library of over 100 templates and then WhiteStar will apply the company’s branding and colours to create the base. Finally, the content will be populated, giving clients a professional website at a fraction of the cost.

Paul added: “Our approach has always been that websites should be bespoke for each client, and our Flexible Website option is what most clients prefer, but we feel very passionate about being able to support smaller businesses who just aren’t able to get a website that truly reflects their company simply because their budgets are tight. When we managed to work out a way to cut down the costs, I was delighted, and we’ve already had great interest from small business owners before we’ve barely been able to promote it.”

In addition to the website, hosting and support, clients can also have the option to choose a bite-sized SEO package as well, giving their websites even more power at a budget that is actually affordable.

Paul concluded: “If you want sophisticated functionality, something quite technical or a lot of pages, our Flexible Design option will always be better, but for those businesses out there who have outgrown their existing Website Builder selection, for the first time they have a viable option that can take them to the next level. SMEs need to stick together and support each other, and we are very happy that we are now doing just that.”

To find out more about LiteSpeed or to request a full spec and quote, contact