A quick and easy website solution for those on a budget

LiteSpeed Websites

No Upfront costs and A Modest Monthly Fee

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Our LiteSpeed website package provides a modern, well-built WordPress website, including ongoing support, maintenance and hosting, all for just a tiny budget each month. That means you don’t need to find a big chunk of money to get a professionally designed website.

In our modern world, having an online presence is vital. You might think it’s enough just to have social media channels. But you need a space that you can call your own, that you can control and that your customers can go to if they want to find out all about you.

If you’re on a tight budget, though, this can be a hard thing to create. You might have opted to build a website yourself with a limited template and limited functionality. Or perhaps you’ve found a designer who offers a great price, but you’re now working with someone who just doesn’t get your business.

At WhiteStar, we believe every business should have the right to own a really good website that reflects their brand, and they deserve to work with someone who genuinely cares that they get a website that works for them. That’s why, whatever the situation, we want to be your valued partner.

How does it work?

  • You get to pick the basic look and feel of your website from a library of over 100 templates
  • We apply your branding and colours to your selected template and this will create your base website
  • We then populate it with your content
  • When you’re happy, we make it live for you

About our Litespeed websites

Our LiteSpeed websites are all:
  • Standard WordPress websites
  • Made using modern design trends
  • Mobile friendly
  • Tailored to your business
  • Finished quickly (you could even say in light speed!)
  • And flexible, meaning that you can add functionality and features moving forward if you need to (even eCommerce)

Through our LiteSpeed website package, we also won’t just put something together for you and leave you to it. Alongside our high standards in modern design, our package also includes ongoing support and hosting. That means that well after your website has started to work for you, we’re still never more than a phone call away to ensure it stays that way.

And you never need to worry about security – we’ll make sure your site is kept up to date and secure, with regular backups.

Optional Extras

Website design might not be the only thing you need, so we also offer some optional extras such as Copywriting and SEO if it helps. You don’t have to have these. We can populate your website with whatever copy you want. But if you are looking for some extra help, please take a look at our Additional Services, or contact us to find out more.


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A quick and easy website solution for those on a budget



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