MNDA Move The World Challenge website

This was a site that we built for a charity that is close to our heart. The fundraising event is the Move The World Challenge for Motor Neurone Disease. MND Is a particularly horrible disease that took the life of a family member in 2016, so I was pleased when I was asked if I could help out. My graphic design partner (Marie-Lousie O'Neal from Lovely Designs) and I gave our time for free to help this cause.

We built a site that allowed the participants to login easily using their Facebook login and log the miles they had run/walked/swam, etc.The idea is that the 50 volunteers woiuld, in a year (from May 2017 - May 2018), cover the equivalent distance of travelling around the world. The site had to be very user friendly, easy to use and work particularly well on mobile device.

In August 2018, the site was shut down after the challenge was completed. The Move The World Challenge had raised over £3000 for MND.

I just wanted to chip in & once again say a MASSIVE Thank You to you both for everything you have done!
This website is truly wonderful & I'm certain really will make a huge difference to the success of this challenge.
You both have very special places on 'Jays List Of Wonderful People'...
Jay Lucas