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  • need help moving

  • your training online?

Thinking about putting your courses online?

You've got all the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to create compelling, informative courses. 

So, what's stopping you?


Are you afraid of the technology?

You’ve probably got concerns like:

  • How do I start putting my material online?
  • Is it secure and GDPR compliant?
  • How do my students pay for the courses?
  • How do I control access to the material?
  • How does it fit in with my existing website?


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WhiteStar can help

We've partnered with market-leading specialist web-training platform Thinkific. Their technology merged with our web and branding expertise makes creating and publishing online training courses pain-free for you and your students.


What’s included?

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Our Online Course Launchpad package will:

  • set up your account;
  • help you decide the best way to structure and release your courses;

  • create your landing pages - themed to your own branding, of course;

  • set up an online payment account (if required);

  • hold your hand while you build and publish your first course.


All this for only £150

Depending on your requirements, you may need a paid Thinkific account. The platform offers a free package which allows up to 3 courses, with slightly limited functionality. However, the basic paid package offers unlimited courses with far fewer restrictions for a small monthly fee.


So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch now and let us blast your courses into cyberspace. There’s a whole new galaxy of opportunities waiting out there for you.