Michael Paul Accountants

Michael Paul Accountants are a small, friendly accountancy practice based in Lamport, Northants.


LiteSpeed Website

The MPA website showcases how a LiteSpeed website can still produce a unique website, despite being based on a template. The client wanted a website which was warm and inviting, but communicated their expertise and friendliness. We think we achieved just that.

What our client said...

When we approached Paul to design a new website for us, he suggested that one of his LightSpeed websites would suit us best. One of the great advantages of this was that there were no large upfront costs. Instead we paid a small deposit and then, once the website was complete and had gone live, a monthly fee which includes ongoing support. The whole process of designing the website was all very painless and we are more than happy with the final result. The website looks very professional and captures the ethos of our business perfectly. Having the ongoing support means if we do have any issues or want anything tweaking on the site, Paul is on hand to sort it out for us. Overall, we were very happy with the process from beginning to end, and with the final result. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a new website.
Paul Marks