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Is Your Business Heading For The Stars?


Just 1° off course, you'll end up in the wrong galaxy!

Whether you’re already in orbit or on the launchpad, we can help you reach your destination.




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Does your branding and website
still shine like a star?

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Are you getting enough
business leads?

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Are you reaching
your target market?

If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, you need:

Consistent Branding

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A website that converts into leads

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A clear marketing strategy

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Engaging social media

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All of your marketing needs met

We specialise in branding, rebranding and websites.

But that's not all that we do.

We know that's not all that your business needs to thrive, especially as the world moves further into the digital space. So, we can also help you with:


Furthermore, our design team can create:

  • eye-catching business cards;
  • attention-grabbing banners;
  • stunning Zoom virtual backgrounds;
  • engaging social media headers;
  • captivating adverts;
  • sensational posters;
  • memorable exhibition stands;
  • impressive flyers.

We can also offer printing services at competitive rates.

Where we don't have skills in-house. we use trusted partners. They're selected because they share our work ethics and commitment to providing a great customer experience. So you can be assured that you'll get the same experience with those services as you'll get from us.

Our comprehensive service mean that you can look on us as a one stop shop for all of your branding, web and marketing needs. And that ensures that your branding and marketing messages are used consistently wherever they appear. 


What our clients say...

Paul at WhiteStar has been immensely helpful in navigating me through the finer details of my website highlighting a number of areas for improvement and taken away some of the mysteries of SEO thank you! I would recommend Paul to anyone who would like an honest professional opinion about their website!
Jane Sumner



Take A Preflight Check Before You Takeoff

Our Preflight review packages will help you reach the stars by showing you how effective your branding, website or content copy is.




Calling All Geeks!

If you're a company in the tech or innovation sector, we can help you even more - our team has decades of experience getting complex technical issues across to non-technical business people.

Let us be your Universal Translator.